About us

Johnsgård is a quiet family place situated northwest in the Femund Engerdal area, next to Lake Langsjøen. Go hiking, fishing, canoeing or skiing in beautyful sorrounings. Our passion is to give everyone a chance to have a fantastic nature experience. 


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Our history

The hosts

Monica Bye Spånberg og Jonas Steigen Johnsgård

Jonas grew up at Johnsgård, and took over the family business in 2015 with his wife, Monica.

We live and work here full time, together with our two kids, Johan Melchior og Anders.

Jonas studied a year at College of the Rockies i Fernie, BC (Canada) where he took a course called Mountain Adventure Skills Training. Monica has a masters degree in  archaeology from the university of Oslo. Both also have education in nature tourism and have been active volunteers in the local red cross (search and rescue) for the last 15 years. 

Jan Ole Johnsgård og Grete A. Steigen

Jan Ole and Grete took over Johnsgård Turistsenter after Jan Ole’s parents, Astrid and John Anders in 1999, and ran it until 2015. They also have the farm with milking cows. Jan Ole has been an active runner and skier from 1978 to 1997. 

Grete has a bachelor in local historu from the university of Oslo. And an education in nature tourism.

Jan Ole has great knowledge of fishing, and is also your go to guide for tips about skiing and hiking.