Start at the parking on top of Gloføklia Vest. Follow the summer trail around Tylldalslokene. You will find a varied terrain, perfect for exploration. When you come up to the mountainside you will reach the ski track that goes around the mountain Gloføken. From here you can follow the ski track back down to Johnsgård. 

Langsjøen to Langodden.

A very nice beginner tour is to walk on the ice from the dock and towards Langodden. This is a good way to test your equipment in a flat terrain.

Follow the landside northbound to the first big headland and go around it. Then you will see the lavvoo at the beach.

Please note that there can be some water on the ice. In the bay there is a small creek that makes the ice there unsafe all through the winter.

Feel free to ask us for advice before you go.