Lake Femunden is Norway’s second-largest natural lake, covering an impressive 203 square kilometers over its 60 kilometers length.

The lake’s elevation is 662 meters above sea level and is located along the Swedish border. The lake is a natural entry point to the popular Femundsmarka National Park.

Old pine trees and a myriad of fishing waters and creeks dominate the park. You can experience magnificent sceneries from the lake and enjoy many hikes in the area.

In the summer season, the ship carries passengers along the “Norwegian Inland Ocean,” Lake Femunden.

M/S Fæmund II starts its journey at nine o’clock every morning. There are parking lot for those who arrives with car. It is also possible to travel with bus from Røros station.

On board you will find a little cafe that offers local cuisines, waffles, coffee, beer and wine.

The ship serves five ports on the east side of the lake and three ports on the west side.

You can bring bikes or canoes on the ship.