Great fishing opportunities

Here you can try fishing in lakes, river and creeks. You can buy your fishing licens from us, and it allows you to fish in almost whole Engerdal municipality (about 800 waters/rivers!)

We also sell licenses for the lake Isteren

Fly fishing, angling with maggot and spinning bait is most common. You may catch fishes like trout, grayling, whitefish, perch and pike.


Trout is the most popular and most common freshwater fish in Norway, and live in both rivers and lakes. The size of the fish ranges from 30cm to several kilos. Trout can be caught on all types of fishing equipment: flies, worms, spoons and wobblers.

Grayling is one of the most fun fishes to catch. The size of the fish ranges from 30cm to about a kilo. The grayling is one of flyfishermen’s favourites and is easiest to catch using flies or worms.

Whitefish. Langsjøen has a good stock of whitefish. Size to about a kilo. Whitefish is easiest to catch using flies on the surface of the lake, or with worms at the bottom of the lake.

Pike is easiest to catch using spoons or wobblers. Size one to ten kilos.

In Langsjøen net fishing is allowed. A special license is required for this type of fishing.

The Sømåa river runs between lake Langsjøen and lake Isteren. The widt of the river varies from 10 to 80 yards and the water is rather deep. The difference in height between lake Langsjøen and lake Isteren is approx. 230 ft. Long quiet stretches where the river bed may be sandy, are interrupted by short rapids as Sømåa flows through boggy landscape and sparsely forested mountain moors. The river holds trout and grayling, pike and whitefish where the river flows slowly. Chances of big trout exist. The average fish is small but of good quality. In certain places grayling are plentiful and whereas trout fishing is best in the rapids. Trout are found in quieter water.

The Gløta river runs between the lake Femund and the lake Isteren. The river is rapid and forms only a few pools. The difference in height between the lakes is 60 ft. and the river is only 1,5 mile long. In some parts the riverbed is filled with heavy boulders, and access to the river is everywhere difficult.


General information:

Everyone may fish with a fishing rod in Engerdal. The public area comprises approx. 85% of the municipalitys area and is covered by one fishing license.

Regulations for angling are specified on the fishing permit.

There is no fee for children under 16 years of age.

Fishing in creeks and rivers is not allowed between Sept. 1. and Nov. 15