1325 meters above sea level

Gloføken is our home-mountain. It is wwasy to access directly from Johnsgård and you can choose whichever of the 4 tops you like.

Gloføkkampen (the southern top) has the most stunning view on good days. And you can go down any direction you want.



1591 meters above sea level

5km 800 high meters

Sålekinna is an epic winter tour. You get a good ride all the way from the top and almost down to the car.  

Park at Bulimoen, south of Øversjødalen. 

Walk over the wetlands and go up on the left side of the top. Go aroud and get up on the top from the north east side.

On good days you get an amazing view!




1605  meters above sea level

9km 900 high meters

Elgpiggen is a peak that is easy to see on long distance. 

Park at Bekkely in Øversjødalen. Follow the summer track towards Hegrådalen and follow Heggrådalen to the side of the mountain. Be aware that this is avalanche terrain!

When you get to the foot of Elgpiggen, choose your way up regarding the snow conditions. The north west side is steep (30-40 degrees), but the north east side is not as steep, and a safer way up.

This tour is at it best on the spring snow.