Langsjøen beach

Start from the pier and take a right turn. Follow the land 1,5 km south, untill you reach the beach.

The bay is not deep and often the warmest place in Langsjøen during summertime. 



Take a left turn from the pier, and paddle northbound. When you come around Langodden you can see the beach and the lavvo. This is a great place to stop for a break. Before you paddle back, or keep on towards Sandnesset.  

This trip is about 800 m one way.



The first part is the same as the tour to Langodden. Just keep on for another 7 km untill you reach a big sandy beach. This is a great place for a break, or for an overnight stay in tent or hammock.


Hola is the river that ends in the northern end of Langsjøen. This i a beautyful winding river which is possible to paddle both up and down in the lowest parts. 

Please note that you need a separate fishing license if you want to fish in Hola.